Every day, abused and neglected children in Kittitas County are taken from their homes and placed into foster care because their parents cannot provide a safe home.
CASA needs your help to ensure we help each child in need.

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CASA volunteers are ordinary people – men and women, students and executives, retirees and busy professionals. CASA will provide all of the training you need to be a powerful voice for a child’s best interest.

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A Court Appointed Special Advocate visits with a child on a regular basis, interacts with all professionals involved in the child’s case and makes recommendations directly to the court, ensuring the child’s best interests are heard.

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Superior Court judges appoint specially trained volunteers to speak up for abused and neglected children. Called “Court Appointed Special Advocates” (CASAs), they are also known as “guardians ad litem” (GALs). CASAs serve as the “eyes and ears” of the court. They are independent of the child’s parents and independent of the state’s child protection and child welfare system. 
CASAs investigate a child’s case and makes recommendations to the court. They monitor ongoing cases and try to facilitate communication and collaboration amongst the people and agencies involved with the child and the child’s family. Throughout the case, they advocate for the child’s best interests.  

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We Need You...

A great strength of the CASA program is its volunteers!  Court Advocates for Children, the CASA program in Kittitas County, seeks volunteers from all cultures; professions or occupations; racial, ethnic and educational backgrounds age twenty-one or older.   

WE NEED YOU to make a difference in the lives of children in Kittitas County.