Advocating effectively during a pandemic

While its impact is universal, there is widespread evidence to show that the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the most vulnerable among us the hardest. For children who have experienced abuse or neglect or for those who are at-risk of maltreatment, social isolation, and economic uncertainty brought on by COVID-19 have had far-reaching consequences.

For every child who has experienced abuse or neglect, having a caring, consistent adult—someone who listens, checks in, follows up, holds the system accountable, and puts the child’s best interests before all others’—can make all the difference. At this unprecedented time for children, CASA volunteers are more important than ever.

More than ever we need your support…

The financial challenge has greatly increased due to the effects of COVID-19 and the ability to serve all abused and neglected children in Kittitas County.  Increased caseloads result in increased overall costs of serving abused and neglected children in our county.

The pandemic is evolving worldwide, and the level of impact on children depends largely on where they live. For some, social isolation and separation from services has taken a major toll. For others, the impact of the pandemic comes in the form of parental unemployment, homelessness and stress. Foster homes are in short supply, and for older youth aging out of foster care, the pandemic has turned their plans upside down. Many children have lost family members or other loved ones, or members of an already-fragile support system.

We are committed to ensuring that our nationwide network of programs and volunteers have the resources and support they need so they can be there during the pandemic for every one of the 276,809 children we serve who have experienced abuse or neglect.

Thanks to the generous support of our funding partners, we are providing new trainings, emergency funding to programs and distance learning tools for program staff and volunteers to help them advocate effectively for children and families during this unprecedented time.