Volunteer of the Year Awards

The Judge Alumbaugh Volunteer of the Year Award

Each year, through the Judge Alumbaugh Volunteer of the Year Award, we honor an individual that inspires us to become better, and to do better, on behalf of the children we all serve.

Volunteers are the cornerstone of our organization and are vital in advocating for the abused and neglected children of Kittitas County. Each year, Court Advocates for Children honors an individual for their commitment to outstanding volunteerism and advocacy. The Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes one outstanding volunteer for their valuable and selfless commitment, dedication, and contribution to our mission & vision.

This year’s winner Debbie Schmit was announced at our annual charity dinner and auction, Celebration of Hope.

Debbie Schmit

The 2019 Judge Alumbaugh Volunteer of the Year Award goes to Debbie Schmit, whose service to others is more than just a volunteer activity — it’s a way of life. Schmit is recognized for her outstanding commitment to the program and advocacy of abused and neglected children of Kittitas County. Throughout her two years of volunteer service with Court Advocates for Children, Debbie’s commitment has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

She has successfully advocated for seven children in the past two years all of which are thriving in safe, permanent and loving homes. Debbie’s spirit of compassion is a light of hope for all she serves. Her dedication to the program is infectious. Debbie and her husband, John Schmit are quick to volunteer for program events and promoting awareness in the community of which they live and work.

We are fortunate to have volunteers as compassionate and selfless as Debbie Schmit. We look forward to her continued engagement in our mission. Thank you, Debbie!